Decorating my writers notebook!!!!

Today 10/25/18 we decorated our writers notebooks with pictures and other stuff. I decorated my very good it had glittery words on it but then I noticed that when we eliminate it. it will go flat and it wont go through. Also I made this bow and it could not be eliminated either. Another thing is I put a lot of color tape on it and it turned so beautiful It sparkled so much that it was like it would blow you out of your mind. One last thing is I used color glue and it went all over the place but it was pretty so i left it to dry and tomorow I will check it out and see how it turned out.

Here is a picture of my writers nootbook…

About my photo

I like my picture it is on the ground picture and it shows all of the trees and the ground. Also the leafs on the ground are in front of the photo and they look huge in there. Another thing is the trees on the sides look like big chochlete bars. But they are still trees. One last thing is the sidewalk looks like little rocks all around the floor so it makes the sidewalk look very cool.


My trip to Kosovo

On July 10 me and my family went back home to Kosovo it was 1 day to get their we rode 3 airplanes Jet Blue which we had to stay on for 45 minutes then we made it to New York we just got in and then went right on the plane we went on Turkish Airlines and we had to stay on that for 7 Hours we all slept on there then when we woke up we had to get of the plane and stay in the airport for 7 hours to. It was boring very boring. we played Uno and some other games to.`then it was time to get on the other plane and that was 2 hours and 57 minutes and we finally got there it was amazing we found a apartment in the city it was so good. My Dads mom lives in the country side. It was awasome we stayed there for 1 month and 2 weeks every day we would get up in the morning and go on the rides there and get some coffee at 3 am in the morning.

My poster

In week two we learned how to make a quality comment so I made a poster about it here it is first you need to compliment writer be specific then add factual information 3 make a connection stay focused on blogger not yourself. Another good comment to make is to proofread your comments so there are no mistakes or inapropriate comments. And then get a little conversation going. Also you need to ask relavent questions so you can get your conversation going So that is how you get a good and quality comment

Mount Philo

I loved the hike to mount philo it was amazing. My favorite part was when all of the teachers did cartwheels it was funny. Also I loved hanging out with my friends and playing games. We staying for 2 to 3 hours. We had a amazing time. We played games took pictures and had FUN! It took us a long time to get up like 45 minutes and it was tiring my legs were done for but finally we got to the top. We all were like yes it was a great field trip I loved it and so did everyone else.

The mountains are so green

When they grow and grow.

the sky turns blue

and you know it is a beautiful day

the grass blowing side to side

like a boomerang coming to you.

you wonder if you are blown away

but then it comes to life and you arn’t





The reason I chose my Avatar was because I wear a lot of pink and purple and and it looks exactly like me. Another reason is that the color blue is my favorite color that is why I put blue as my backround. One last reason is because my hair is brown and I put that for my it is like a light brown color and mxy hair is very straight. so yah that is why I chose my avatar so the moral of the story is be yourselve not enybody else.